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Apricot Stingo hits the shelves

The second in our STINGO series is Apricot. Like raspberry before it, Apricot STINGO is a 100% wood-fermented sour beer. The main portion of this beer has gone through two fermentations in our foeder then its blended with 500L of fruit beer fermented in smaller wooden barrels. Nothing was soured in the brewhouse and contrarily our STINGOS are one of the few worts that bypass our koelship. The apricots themselves were added in several forms; halved, dried, pureed and juiced. Its slightly more sour than the raspberry, mostly to make up for apricots lack of acidity.

Scarlet monitoring the transferring wort.

The idea of the STINGO series is to make in relatively quick-time, fun sour beers with a depth of character usually associated with much older blends. Raspberry and Apricot are just the start. We really hope you have enjoyed them as we hope to enjoy continually brewing them.