St Mars of the Desert

A bit about the brewery.

All of our beers are brewed by us, Martha & Dann in a 1,000 litre infusion brewhouse manufactured by Moeschle UK.  We have a gas fired kettle and a koelschip that we’re using primarily for “koel-hopping” at the moment and general cooling, though one day soon we hope to begin inoculating fresh wort using it… so stay tuned for that. Our 2,000 litre fermentation vessels are rated to 3 bar and are equipped with Handtmann “spunding” valves which enable us to carbonate our beers using the CO2 produced during primary fermentation – this locks in precious volatile characteristics and activates a creamy body in the final product. In March 2019 we’ll be adding a 1,000 litre reconditioned oak foeder to ferment and age with as well. 20 and 30 litre key kegs are available to the trade by contacting the brewery or via EEBRIA.

CITO, our very first beer! Pronounced “Cheeto”, this is a hoppy pale golden beer of 4% ABV. Hence it has HH on the label. The hops are whole-cone Savinjski for bittering and whole-cone and pellet Saaz added late in the boil and steeped in our custom-built coolship. The malt is pale and golden and malted nearby here in Yorkshire. Finally, every bubble in Cito was naturally produced in the primary fermentation and held in solution through a process called spunding.

Cito means “to summon or set in motion” in Latin – a simple, lovely beer to get us rolling.


LUPE, ABV 5.5%, our second beer. This is a simple tribute to the hop Mandarina Bavaria. Look for a leafy bitterness with subtle citrus on top of a clean pale malt profile. Naturally carbonated in the primary fermentation.

The name Lupe is a tribute to the hop, Humulus Lupulus.

Release date: Out now!





BARBAPAPA, ABV 7.9%, Imperial Stout. Barbapapa was brewed using our insanely tricky, wort-concentrating “double mash” technique.  Imagine making a coffee by adding coffee to coffee and you get the gist – only it does much more than that.  Koelship-hopped with Barbe Rouge, this one is the polar opposite to Cito.