Bienvenue Bière de Mars

There’s not much to say about Bière de Mars as a “type” of beer other than it is a beer associated with the month of March. Lambic brewers have a version, Munich brewers have a version of sorts called Märzen, and if French brewers made one it would most definitely be called a “bière de Mars”. Why we, an English brewery didn’t call this “March Beer” could be explained by a dissertation aimed at dissecting the actual point of craft beer. The point is “Mars” though, March. We won’t get it to it any more than that because there’s no need to and it all gets a bit iffy fast.

This gets snappier after the following photo.

Whether or not this beer style even exists, ours does and that’s good enough for us.

That said, our intention with our SMOD version is to invoke early Spring and to place it firmly in the north east of France and West Flanders border. This is one of the great regions of beeriness in the world to our minds, and hopefully our Bière de Mars takes you there in a very lovely way.

Look for a spicy yeast character paired with the herbal bitterness of Saaz, notes of floral Crystal leaf hops from the koelship, and a deceptively drinkable orange body that finishes pleasantly malty. All together, and with a faint note of sulphur, we think this beer takes us from the cold rain to the brilliant daffs in one stroke. Hope you enjoy as much as w have been.

Dann & Martha

P.S. If Dann’s nonsensical beer writing interests you, and time for you grows on trees – stay tuned for an epic piece on the boring reality of “bière de garde”.