Yes we brewed another lager. Like the ones before it (Donbacher Landbier Hell, Pinnochio Pils, Spezial lager & Hopfen Pils), SMODBräu Hell is unfiltered, hoppy and brewed as an homage to rural Franconian beer. I know everyone’s carrying on about lager at the minute but what are we supposed do? We’re mightily influenced by the incredible beer culture down there and are really pleased to have captured something of it, perhaps only a wisp, but we’re delighted how it’s turned out.

SMODBräu Hell is light in colour with a juicy, fresh maltiness (yes I said “juicy maltiness”) with a spicy, leafy bitterness and loads of German Tettnang hops finishing it off. 4.8% abv. It feels like we haven’t stopped drinking it since it went into can! If you happen to have any steinkrugs around the house we thoroughly suggest you use them.

Brewing at Gänstaller Brau with KCBC, Franconia, Summer of 2017.