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    The Confounding New Beer

    A gentle breeze blew through the forest. The leaves fluttered, and the ripe cherries on the Sisyphus tree bumped against one another. A tiny, contented sigh then came, that would only have been audible to a bird close by, or perhaps a child standing amongst the blossoms near the ground. But a sigh it was, a most extraordinary sigh, for it came from Mr. Sisyphus. If you stand at the bottom of the Sisyphus tree, close in beside the trunk where leaves surround you, and gaze up into its depths, you might notice that amongst all the cherries hanging there,…

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    Koelship IPA

    Dann expands on why we're now calling our IPAs "Koelship IPA".

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    Wundo and Koel It!

    There’s a long gap between this and my previous writings and I should apologize to anyone who cares.  We’ve been busy, of course but we had been allowing the beers and taproom to speak for us I guess.  Mostly people…

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    The Urchin’s Tale

    The Urchin was a small creature.  Insignificant-looking, perhaps.  But to some he was very much the opposite, as we shall see.  He lived on a moor, a moor on a hilltop, in a land of misty hills and billowy dales. …

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    Jack D’Or Must Die

    Our newest beer here at Saint Mars is not new at all in some ways. In other ways, it’s totally new, and in yet more ways, it’s just plain WRONG. For our new Sheffield friends, we aren’t trying to leave…