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    Wundo and Koel It!

    There’s a long gap between this and my previous writings and I should apologize to anyone who cares.  We’ve been busy, of course but we had been allowing the beers and taproom to speak for us I guess.  Mostly people don’t read brewers writing about their own beers – only opinions and reviews by others of the finished product.  Fair enough. Well, endure if you will my own opinions and reviews even if they are based more on intent than outcome. Martha and I have brewed two beers to be released later this week.  As you might imagine we are…

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    The Urchin’s Tale

    The Urchin was a small creature.  Insignificant-looking, perhaps.  But to some he was very much the opposite, as we shall see.  He lived on a moor, a moor on a hilltop, in a land of misty hills and billowy dales. …

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    Jack D’Or Must Die

    Our newest beer here at Saint Mars is not new at all in some ways. In other ways, it’s totally new, and in yet more ways, it’s just plain WRONG. For our new Sheffield friends, we aren’t trying to leave…