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    Jack D’Or Must Die (again)

    We’re celebrating our forth incarnation of Jack D’Or at his new home here at SMOD. The latest batch is Jack at his most simple and close to his original roots. Pale malt, oats, wheat, a blend of simple yeast strains,…

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    As the crazy craft beer steamroller pounds ever forward, some of us are hanging off the top, trying to steer it away from flower beds and uprighting cultural treasures it may have thrown into the verge. Our new “Steel Forest”…

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    The Battle of Frogs & Mice

    About four years into my short brewing career – 1996 to be exact – something completely unexpected happened: I became bored with it.  I wasn’t bored with brewing or the process (how could I?) but the whole movement, as it…

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    Apricot Stingo hits the shelves

    The second in our STINGO series is Apricot. Like raspberry before it, Apricot STINGO is a 100% wood-fermented sour beer. The main portion of this beer has gone through two fermentations in our foeder then its blended with 500L of…

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    Yes we brewed another lager. Like the ones before it (Donbacher Landbier Hell, Pinnochio Pils, Spezial lager & Hopfen Pils), SMODBräu Hell is unfiltered, hoppy and brewed as an homage to rural Franconian beer. I know everyone’s carrying on about…

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    Introducing Stingo: a SMOD sour series

    We’re very excited to introduce our new series of 100% oak-fermented, sour STINGO beers. Its our first foray into sour beers (as SMOD) and we have great plans for many differing types of STINGO for you in the coming months,…

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    Our (actual) Finest Regards

    "We think a barleywine should be a tribute to barley. So no offense hops but you should be riding in the rumble seat in these beers."

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    Koelship IPA

    Dann expands on why we're now calling our IPAs "Koelship IPA".