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    Jack D’Or Must Die (again)

    We’re celebrating our forth incarnation of Jack D’Or at his new home here at SMOD. The latest batch is Jack at his most simple and close to his original roots. Pale malt, oats, wheat, a blend of simple yeast strains, hard water and lots of European hops like Whitbread Golding Variety, Tettnang and Strisselspalt – totalling over 50 units of bitterness and drinkability! While the SMOD Jack D’ors are always a different take on the original, they always harken back to a simple, hoppy-bitter golden beer that we began brewing in 2008. There’s a bit of backstory with this beer…

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    Introducing Stingo: a SMOD sour series

    We’re very excited to introduce our new series of 100% oak-fermented, sour STINGO beers. Its our first foray into sour beers (as SMOD) and we have great plans for many differing types of STINGO for you in the coming months,…

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    Our (actual) Finest Regards

    "We think a barleywine should be a tribute to barley. So no offense hops but you should be riding in the rumble seat in these beers."

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    Koelship IPA

    Dann expands on why we're now calling our IPAs "Koelship IPA".

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    Wundo and Koel It!

    There’s a long gap between this and my previous writings and I should apologize to anyone who cares.  We’ve been busy, of course but we had been allowing the beers and taproom to speak for us I guess.  Mostly people…

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    The Urchin’s Tale

    The Urchin was a small creature.  Insignificant-looking, perhaps.  But to some he was very much the opposite, as we shall see.  He lived on a moor, a moor on a hilltop, in a land of misty hills and billowy dales. …