The Confounding New Beer

A gentle breeze blew through the forest. The leaves fluttered, and the ripe cherries on the Sisyphus tree bumped against one another. A tiny, contented sigh then came, that would only have been audible to a bird close by, or perhaps a child standing amongst the blossoms near the ground. But a sigh it was, a most extraordinary sigh, for it came from Mr. Sisyphus.

If you stand at the bottom of the Sisyphus tree, close in beside the trunk where leaves surround you, and gaze up into its depths, you might notice that amongst all the cherries hanging there, one is not quite like the others. Perhaps you will notice a tiny foot, a twig like hand, or even, if your crane your neck, an eyeball twinkling there amongst the hanging balls of fruit. Unpluckable, never picked by hand, nor pecked by bird, nor pitted and preserved in a pie. Never to fall gently and bounce on soft moss, never to be planted and grow again. For there hangs Mr. Sisyphus, the cherry who cannot fall.

As SMOD enters our third year, we’re hoping to brew more saison, landbier, mixto, stingo and fruited offerings. You know, all the things you love that don’t contain the letters “P” and “A”, maybe an “I” too.

So with that said, here’s an extremely small batch called “Confounded Mister Sisyphus”. This is a fruit-led, fruit beer – not a sour beer. The fruit being Cherry, atop and all over the backdrop of a few ferments with pretty great provenance. One part of this blend is a “spontaneously” inoculated wort we produced in November of 2019, though it fermented out completely without any souring due to the fact that it went into a very robust brettanomyces environment in our foeder. Another element is a completely different brettanomyces brew we made. Two very dry barrel aged mixto beers blended with cherry and refermented in stainless steel with champagne yeast and spunded for soft natural carbonation – that’s what we did.