‘Tis Rabbit Season

When we think of seasonal beers usually they’re beers from the autumn and Christmas periods, maybe summer wheat beers – but there really aren’t as many obvious types of seasonal beers as could be expected. Mostly this is because brewing is no longer a seasonal enterprise, but also because craft beer is more secular beer culture. Of the most obscure of seasonal beer traditions is the “easter beer”. Called “Bière de Pȃques” in French, “Paasbier” in Dutch and Flemish and “Osterbier” or “Oster-Festbier” in German, the only obvious common thread is their intention. For us the grandaddy of them all is the legendary Bos Keun from De Dolle Brouwers in Esen, West Flanders, but the Paasbier by Brouwerij Slaghmuylder is right up there too.

Martha and I have always brewed a Spring Easter beer together and we normally call it “Fluffy White Rabbits”. In 2021 we’re at it again with a new version. Slightly less strong than our versions from American soil and stuffed with a lot more wheat than we had traditionally used. This Fluffy lives up to its name for sure.

Fluffy White Rabbits was fermented with two complimentary yeast strains; one monastic in origin and another more typical of Belgian craft beer. It was bittered with Whitbread Golding Variety and passed through Strisselspalt and Ekuanot whole cone on its way into the koelship. Look for a soft billowing head, near sweetness and a slightly fruity and bitter finish.

We hope you enjoy this beer and maybe find a few more Paasbier along the way!