Wundo and Koel It!

There’s a long gap between this and my previous writings and I should apologize to anyone who cares.  We’ve been busy, of course but we had been allowing the beers and taproom to speak for us I guess.  Mostly people don’t read brewers writing about their own beers – only opinions and reviews by others of the finished product.  Fair enough.

Well, endure if you will my own opinions and reviews even if they are based more on intent than outcome.

Martha and I have brewed two beers to be released later this week.  As you might imagine we are at a much-reduced production schedule this Spring.  There are lots of things we’d like to do but the opportunity isn’t with us at the moment. But you’ve all been amazingly supportive of us during this mad time, and we’re ramping up production again. Everything has a two week lag in this business, so it has been hard to respond to all the advice and changes… But we’re keeping the lights on, if only just.

Wundo is a new beer we’re putting forth this week that is unlike anything we’ve brewed before.  I say “we” intentionally because often I’m uniquely called the “brewer” and Martha is thought to be someone painting everything blue and drawing pictures and responding to sales inquiries.  In fact Martha has been working in the brewery part of breweries for a decade now, helpfully has a PhD in microbiology and is presently in charge of packaging at SMOD.  We both paint everything blue and draw pictures. 

Getting back to Wundo, this beer was fermented with a mixture of fruity ale strains using a low pitching- rate which accentuates the fruitiness even further.  We used a combination of continental hops (Savinjski and Whitbread Goldings) along with an old classic from America – Summit.  This beer has 45 ibu’s, if you remember “I.B.U.” is a measurement of hop bitterness that is almost not needed anymore because of the popularity of zero bitter hazy IPAs.  This one has 45 and that’s not a ton, just what I would call an “adult” helping of bitterness.  The final product is indeed intensely fruity, with what could be compared to a pineapple juice-like quality melding seamlessly with the hops both herbal and fruity.  It drinks bigger than it is so it’s well suited for slowly sipping while staring out the garden window. 

“Koel It!” is also a new beer coming forward this week.  And you ask “duh Dann you made that before.”  I say “gotcha” because we made an almost identical beer called “Koel It” before but have slightly changed it since last time. The “slight” change is in fact a massive change because we have used Idaho 7 and Chinook hops.  It’s an unlikely combo of American hops because Chinook is quite powerful and blunt, while Idaho 7 can easily be shoved into the background.  The somewhat unique technique of “coolship hopping” we use allows the more fruity characters to stand more firmly on their own – or at least that is our intent.  So we think this is going to taste great.  We’ll see because as I write, Koel It! is conditioning in FV2.

I hope everyone is doing well and if we all survive and are ever let out of this prison of caution – let’s be sure to never take pubs and bars for granted again. 

Cheers, Dann